About Regulatory Genome

Born out of research within the University of Cambridge and acting in close collaboration with the university and other key public and private stakeholders, the Regulatory Genome Project’s mission is to sequence the world’s financial regulation and catalyse innovation across the financial services sector.

We are sequencing the world’s financial regulatory information

The Regulatory Genome Project is transforming human readable regulatory text into machine readable form, a process we refer to as regulatory sequencing.

We are sequencing the world’s regulatory information and will make this openly accessible as an innovation platform on which interoperable software applications can be built and that will foster knowledge sharing and creation.

Regulatory Genome Project Regulatory Sequencing

Our history

A real solution born out of university research.



CCAF received initial funding for pilot development



MVP created, tested and used by regulatory bodies in +20 jurisdictions



RGP launched by UoC, as well as new entity to engage with commercial users



First cohort of industry collaborators onboarded

Industry Collaborators

The first cohort of Regulatory Genome collaborators underlines cross-industry commitment to put the power of technology to work, helping regulators and organisations across the globe to keep pace with the accelerated developments related to the continued digitisation of financial services.

Regulatory Genome Collaborators CMS Law Tax
Regulatory Genome Collaborators Grant Thornton
Regulatory Genome Collaborators Macfarlanes
Regulatory Genome Collaborators Mastercard
CCAF University of Cambridge

Driven by its mission to create and transfer knowledge addressing emergent gaps in the financial sector that supports evidence-based decision-making, the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF) is the largest research centre at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School. Established in 2015, the CCAF has approximately 40 full-time staff and researchers and is dedicated to the study of technology-enabled and innovative instruments, channels, and systems emerging outside of traditional finance. The CCAF has collaborated with more than 120 regulatory authorities and central banks worldwide on regulatory research.

Cambridge Centre for Data-Driven Discovery Regulatory Genome

The Cambridge Centre for Data-Driven Discovery (C2D3) brings together researchers and expertise from across the academic departments and industry to drive research into the analysis, understanding and use of data science. The Centre is funded by a series of collaborations with partners in business and industry which have an interest in using data science for the benefit of their customers and their organisations. C2D3 works with industrial partners to build a portfolio of collaborative research projects, provide professional development opportunities for their own staff and access to the full breadth and depth of University of Cambridge’s talent pool in the area of data science.

Why collaborate with us?

Financial institutions, payment firms and financial infrastructure

Better regulation

Help regulators to get more complete and up-to-date information about how regulations compare across jurisdictions and how they are being interpreted and implemented, which will allow them to improve them.

Faster operational cadence

Embedding machine-readable regulatory content into your apps and workflows will save time and reduce costs – but more importantly free up your capacity to innovate and bring new products to market faster.

Interoperable applications

Akin to the human genome project, RGP will produce common standards and taxonomy representation, leading to interoperable applications across domains, jurisdictions, use cases, suppliers and distributors.

Professional services such as law firms, consultancies, tax advisory etc.

Better service

Help specific clients to understand their existing and future regulatory obligations and to implement them faster.

Relevant content

Updates to clients that are more comprehensive, timely and quicker to generate.

Higher revenue

Premium and packaged education content for clients